On the Earthquake that Shook Pakistan October 8, 2005

That Moment…

What a moment it was

What happened in just one moment

Where did my world go ?

Where did all the faces go?

My friends, my relatives just like a whiff of wind

Where did they go?

Where did my courtyard go?

Where I played endlessly oblivious to the ways of the world

My very own shelter

Took away my rooftop from me

My doll, where did it go ?

I wonder what happened?

Why did the whole scene become so blurred?

With a flash of an eyelid I have traveled so far

I wish I could hold tight, that moment…

When my mother would hold me close to her chest, wipe my tears and say

Open your eyes, my daughter

That moment was a devastating nightmare

I wish I could reclaim that protection

Can anyone bring back that moment?

Saima Hasrat ITA – (in translation Baela R. Jamil)


Let us Build Those Communities Once Again

Let us build all those destroyed communities

Let us unravel those tangled frames

Let us make a portrait from those scattered colours

Those that have gone to sleep had once held many dreams

Not all, but some we can make come true

The time is tough and times have turned against us

Let our prayers become the sheath and may our hands become our swords

So there shall never be such a doomsday scene

Let us find ways to make amends with our disappointed God

Saira Hasrat (in translation Baela R. Jamil)