CPB (Accelerated Learning Programme)

Over the last three years, ITA has been experimenting with an innovative accelerated learning programme. Recent results from the programme ‘Chalo Parho Barho’ (Let’s read and grow) show learning gains for children in underperforming districts of Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan. The CPB programme covers grades 2-5 and is open to children in school and out of school. It enables children out of school to enrol (or re-enrol) in an appropriate grade and it helps ensure that children at risk of dropping out of school (because their learning is not progressing) stay in school.

The current CPB programme is reaching out to two districts D I KHAN and Mardan over the course of 18 months in a new province i.e. KP. Our vision is that based on results of annual assessments, CPB camps are requested by provincial and district governments (to be implemented by ITA and other organizations) for in school and out of school children in low performing areas of Pakistan to boost literacy and numeracy learning outcomes and to promote enrolment in schools while reaching out to most marginalized.


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Result for Phase 1 / Phase 2 CPB



CPB Tarana




Training Material






The Objectives

  • 60,120 children will have taken part in CPB.
  • At least 30,060 children (50% of 60,120) will have improved learning outcomes.
  • 11,272 OOSC (25% of all OOSC i.e. 45,090) will be enrolled in school.
  • 1,503 para teachers/student volunteers will be hired to work in CPB host schools.
  • 1,503 para teachers/student volunteers and 1,503 government school teachers will be trained on CAMAL Methodology.
  • Improved learning environment and community ownership in 1,503 target government and LCPS.
  • 1 provincial government will have agreed to include resources or CPB in poor performing districts in their annual budgets.
  • CPB material and processes are packaged and available for others to use and replicate.



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