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The most exciting program on citizenship by the children of Pakistan - An innovative CSR initiative by
Surf Excel Unilever Pakistan
Surf Excel believes that for children to develop and grow to their full potential, they must be free to experience life for themselves. Watching it and hearing about it just aren't the same as living it.

The experts agree that truly great child development comes from participating - from getting involved in the world around them. Children learn the most when they experiment, discover, create and explore their world for themselves. They must be free to really enjoy their childhood. To spend it just being children, the naturally curious, mini-explorers they are.

But to do this, they need time, space and freedom. Time to themselves. Space to run. Freedom to get dirty.

You see, Surf Excel believes that children just aren't meant to stay clean. And the good thing is that mums who also believe that Dirt is Good no longer have to worry about their little ones getting muddy. Because they always know that with Surf Excel, it'll all come out in the wash.

There are more important things in life than a bit of dirt - and bigger issues to shout about. Over the years, having spoken to millions of mums around the world, we know what matters to you most. Which issues you're really worried about.

The list is long, and the specifics vary slightly from country to country, but around the world, the message is coming through loud and clear. Mums think childhood as we know it is slowly being forgotten. Your children have very little time for unstructured play - and you worry about their safety when playing outdoors. Read More
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