School Assessment for School Improvement Program (SASIP)

SASIP - Rationale

Determinants :

Governance & strategy – covering the experience and involvement of the board and management in terms of strategy, growth and development

Learning environment – teaching skills and experience of teachers, infrastructure and facilities provided and other amenities essential for the overall development of children

Student academic achievements – results across classes and Class 10 Board exam. Testing tools administered by the ITA team to assess the basic level of learning in English and Mathematics

Parent engagement with children’s learning and feedback on their relationship with and their view of the performance of the school

Financial systems – details of record keeping, accounting, tracking of fee overdues, adequacy of systems relative to the size of the institution.

Financial performance – analyses the school’s viability and financial performance


SASIP Goal and Objectives

Overall Goal :

 “To establish a school capacity assessment and rating system for enhanced governance of schools”

SASIP will be a sustainable paid service by both NSPs and state financed providers, linked to micro and other financing options as social enterprise. ITA will pilot the innovation in Lahore and Karachi initially.

SASIP has been designed with modules to create options for the following potential objectives:

Capacity Building
Improved Infrastructure &
Financial Management