The objectives of the Trust are to:

  • Embark upon appropriate institutional arrangements to explore, experiment, research and implement quality alternatives committed to educational excellence in a global setting.
  • Establish an institute for professional development for educators, for undertaking reforms, and implement high standards of practice.
  • Undertake institutional strengthening of public, private sector and community-based organizations for managing change and achieving quality and caring education services through area-based approaches.
  • Promote enabled learning based on principles and practices of education for sustainable development (ESD).
  • Alleviate resource bottlenecks which prevent individuals and organizations from maximizing potential for benefiting society.
  • Develop and promote information and communications system to access latest global evidence on education trends for influencing practice, policy and reform processes in-country and globally.
  • Document, network and organize inter-cultural exchanges with like-minded organizations locally, regionally and globally for sharing best practices, validating the work of the Trust as a global institution to promote the mission of Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi.
  • Cultivate norms of citizenship and democracy through redesigned education processes based on: respect for diversity, heritage, universal human rights and tolerance.