ITACEC PAK & ITACEC UK Presentation 

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ITA-UK works with public sector institutions for Education transformation and providing a voice to the excluded. It has consistently supported ITA through information and resources sharing. 


Led by Ms. Noorjehan Dhanani , a well known educator in the UK its focus is on :


“Empowering Schools : Empowering Communities”

  • The Trust is involved in supporting:
  • School Improvement Program
  • Teacher/Head Teacher Training
  • Homework Study Centers, Drop In, Literacy and Skills centers
  • Earthquake and emergency support to school construction and improvement 
  • Continuing education at middle levels for mainstreamed child labor children   
  • Capacity Building of ITA's core staff, in Pakistan and abroad  
  • Fund Raising  
  • School to School link : CDG Girls Primary School Yakki Gate and Cannobury Primary School UK, and ICT based initiatives
  • Exchange Training Session with other Schools
  • Linking Commonwealth Scholarships for deserving students in Pakistan
  • Sharing with ITA learning materials and information on professional development and school improvement programs in practice in UK

WE the trustees of the Idara believe that LEARNING AND KNOWLEDGE are the only WEALTH
we can give our CHILDREN

N. J. Dhanani
Aminah Kassam
Asghar Hussain
G. McGlasson-West