JOB Opportunities in Education Development

Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi(ITA) was formed in year 2000. ITA’s primary focus is comprehensive education reforms beginning with Public Sector Schools up to secondary level which are in a state of decay. It also works with other sectors of education in non-formal and literacy programs for the disadvantaged groups such as child labour, destitute, women & youth. ITA is an emerging institution with a focus on influencing policy and systems. ITA has the following positions for progressive minds.

  • Location: Lahore, Pakistan

    Qualifications: M.Phil/PhD in Economics/Stats

    Experience: 4 Years

    Required Skills:

    • Incumbent must have the ability to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research studies and evaluation, with experience in education or development sector.
    • Demonstrated writing ability with a track record of securing grants, publishing academic articles.
    • The candidate must have strong interpersonal and collaborative skills in working with researchers and practitioners.
    • The successful candidate will be organized, have the ability to multitask and handle timelines and priorities in a team environment.
    • Must be enthusiastic about working across disciplines and community sectors.


    Job Description:

    • Develop a research and documentation strategy and its implementation for ITA teams in Pakistan/Regions.
    • The Deputy Director will spearhead the long-term research objective of the ITA, provide consultation and support to key evaluation components of the ITAs programs, and disseminate research findings.
    • The Deputy Director will contribute to the ITAs work in building the field among researchers, practitioners, and policy makers at the local, regional and national level.
    • Direct and oversee research at the ITA. Spearhead, direct, and oversee all ITA research projects from research design to implementation, analysis and project development. This includes:
    • Projects and initiatives; broader research efforts, including those related to integrated services and systems that support community in particular, such as community schools development.
    • Investigate grant opportunities, write and develop grant proposals to support sustainability of a research team. Supervise and direct others on the team to develop, write, and submit proposals.


  • Location: Lahore, Islamabad

    Qualifications: MCS/MS/BS/BCS (IT)

    Experience: 3 Years

    Required Skills:

    Sound knowledge of HTML 5, CSS, JQUERY, Word Press, PHP, MySQL, Photo Shop

    Fundamentals of design imaging


    Content management


    Webpage scripting


    Web development

    Job Description:

    Creating web site designs

    Writing and editing content

    Designing webpage layout

    Determining technical requirements

    Updating websites

    Creating back up files

    Solving code problems

  • Location: Karachi, Pakistan

    Qualifications: Msc Statistics

    Experience: 3 Years

    Required Skills:

    Minimum 3-4 years’ experience as Psychometrician or Statistician

    Demonstrable experience in quantitative and qualitative analysis.

    Ability to develop assessment tools including psychometric assessment tools.

    Thorough technical knowledge of relevant statistical methodology.

    Must have a thorough knowledge of classic and modern test theory.

    Must have a demonstrable experience in large scale data analysis.

    Competence and comfort level with statistical software’s i.e. STATA & SPSS.

    Excellent communication skills and experience in report writing.

    Extreme diligence in meeting deadlines and ability to work in a multi-tasking environment.

    Travel extensively to remote areas for field work; travel in–country and travel abroad.

    Be able to deal with difficult field situations, handle intense work pressure and deliver under tight deadlines.

    Job Description:

     Analyze and interpret statistical data in order to identify significant differences in relationships among sources of information.

    Apply sampling techniques or utilize complete enumeration bases in order to determine and define groups to be surveyed.

    Design research projects that apply valid scientific techniques and utilize information obtained from baselines or historical data in order to structure uncompromised and efficient analyses.

    Develop and test experimental designs, sampling techniques, and analytical methods.

    Evaluate the statistical methods and procedures used to obtain data in order to ensure validity, applicability, efficiency, and accuracy.

    Identify relationships and trends in data, as well as any factors that could affect the results of research.

    Process large amounts of data for statistical modeling and graphic analysis, using softwares i.e. SPSS. 

    Report results of statistical analyses, including information in the form of graphs, charts, and tables.

    Develop an understanding of fields to which statistical methods are to be applied in order to determine whether methods and results are appropriate. 


  • Location: Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi

    Qualifications: MSc/BSc (Hons) Economics, Statistics

    Experience: 1 Year

    Required Skills:

    Knowledge of research tools & techniques.

    Ability to design and conduct impact analysis studies.

    Excellent communication skills and experience in report writing.

    Strong interpersonal and analytical skills.

    Sound knowledge of Information Communication Technology.


    Minimum 1-3 years experience of conducting educational research.

    Job Description:

    To design and finalize research studies and sampling systems with rigorous rationale and options.

    Coordinate with research team during the various phases of survey including piloting, training, data collection, data analysis and reporting, and dissemination.

    Organize and conduct trainings for research studies, partners and volunteers.

    Support core team in data compilation and analysis.

    Assess, interpret and evaluate the outcomes of research, and develop ideas for the application of research outcomes.

    Support research team in developing research proposals for seeking external funding for research projects.

    Creating concept papers, proposals and budgets for funding, as needed.

    Contribute in designing research focus and methodology for research various initiatives.

    Commenting and providing input on draft papers produced from research.


  • Location: Bahawalpur, Muzaffargarh

    Qualifications: BA/MA/BBA/MBA

    Experience: 2 Years

    Required Skills:

    • Sound Knowledge of MS Office.
    • Knowledge of financial, administration and procurement procedure.
    • Knowledge of PeachTree Software.
    • Good communication skills. Problem solving skills.

    Job Description:


    • Handle banking matters, completing accounts and book keeping and audit
    • Manage and maintain record of petty cash, utility bills and office operations/ maintenance and repair.
    • Supervising support staff including drivers
    • Implement administrative procedure, rules &  regulations e.g. vehicles, equipment handling & maintenance
    • Assist district management in operation & maintenance of vehicles and maintain vehicles record
    • Implement  procurement procedure for furniture/ fixtures, supplies & equipment
    • Arrange logistics for various events relevant to project activities (i.e. workshops, seminars, meetings etc.)
    • Arrange for boarding/lodging of staff/ visitors to district office & maintain record
    • Maintaining the personnel system including leave record, time sheets. Help support staff in documentation
    • Maintaining the office inventory system.

                  ·   Prepare the monthly fore cast and settlement

                  ·   Prepare the vehicle expenses/reports sheet

                  ·   Prepare/ compile the bank statement on monthly bases

  • Location: Lasbela, Muzaffargarh

    Qualifications: MBA HR/Management

    Experience: 2 Years

    Required Skills:

    Knowledge of HR Functions

    Administration & Procurement Process

    Excellent communication skills


    Job Description:

NOTE: We are an equal opportunity employer. Interested candidates may send their applications clearly mentioning position name, current and expected salary latest by March 31, 2015.

If interested then send your updated Resume through email:, or Post at
Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi, 70-B-1, Gulberg III Lahore, Pakistan.