Services Performed by ITA

Generating Resources through Skills

As per the resolution of ITA’s Board, to pursue and sustain its vision and objectives more autonomously, ITA decided to formalize the outsourcing of its services in 2005. These services initially included identifying and sending teachers abroad from Pakistan to USA, training programs for teachers/headteachers and School Management Committees (SMCs) and management of workshops for partners like the Directorate of Staff Development, Department of Education, Government of Punjab.  

Over the past few years, due to growing demand, the directory of services being offered by ITA has expanded. Currently, services being offered by ITA include:

  • Training of teachers, head teachers as leaders and managers, school councils/ SMCs and CCBs
  • District Education Planning, Markaz (cluster of UCs)Education Planning and School Development Planning (SDPs)
  • Capacity building for running school enrichment programs (reading, health, environmental clubs, summer camps, after school remedial programs, and non-formal programs 
  • Materials and module development 
  • Strategy design and institutional needs assessment in the education sector
  • Research and evaluation studies
  • Conference and workshop management
  • Documentation services for conferences
  • Logistics and arrangements for visitors to education projects
  • Program design, Selection Criteria design through consultation, Selection, Visa and N.O.C facilitation, pre-departure orientation and post training follow up for teachers and students for out of country visits (USA especially).
  • Design of media and communication strategies 
  • Production of Documentaires
  • Website development and management 
  • Tailor made services for specific clients

Our CLIENTS  include:

  • Government of Punjab, Department of Education: Directorate of Staff Development (DSD)
  • Punjab Education Foundation (PEF)
  • City District Government Faisalabad
  • GHK , London,  UK 
  • Plymouth State University USA and State Department USA
  • Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust
  • South Asia Forum for Education Development

For further details:

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