To promote education as a comprehensive process for human and social transformation


To actively pursue universal access and standard setting in education as a comprehensive learning experience for human evolution and consciousness by creating contemporary education systems for all children without discrimination due to gender, class, age, religion, color and ethnicity and, endeavoring to address educational bottlenecks through timely resource mobilization and influencing of public policy.


ITA's 5 Years Strategic Plan in a Nutshell

  • Seminar in collaboration with Lahore College for Women University

    Teacher Characteristics, Actions and Perceptions:
    What Matters for Student Achievement in Pakistan?

    Substandard teaching is believed to be the foremost reason for poor quality
    schooling in the developing world. This paper uses unique data from primary
    schools in the state of Punjab in Pakistan to delve into the issues that may
    determine what makes one teacher more effective than another. The
    hypothesis that differential teacher effectiveness stems from far more than
    observable teacher characteristics is tested and more nuanced reasons
    behind these differences are examined. In particular, teacher attitudes and
    opinions are investigated to give a more holistic approach to researching
    teacher effectiveness and its impact on student learning.

    Tuesday 07, January 2014 (02:00 pm to 04:00 pm)
  • ASER National Launch

    16 January, 2014
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